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The total cost ensures a 24-48 hour rental window.

When you book online with Rent-A-Goodtime you are ensuring the reservation of a quality bounce house combo. These are  bounce houses that have all been tested for both safety and comfort. All bounce houses require an electrical source.

Our team (Chris and David) will deliver the bounce house to your home and have it safely installed. We will review our operating procedure as well as our rules with you. We will leave you with the equipment necessary to properly store the unit overnight.

We will arrive for pick-up within 24 to 48 hours of drop off. On pick-up we must reinflate the unit to check for damage as well as personal items of yours that may still be located inside the deflated unit. It is for this reason that we ask customers to have units inflated by our estimated arrival time. 

Please be sure that the area in which the bounce house will be set up is free of debris and is level. Debris such as animal feces, large rocks as well as large holes will jeopardize your booking. This type of debris makes the bounce house installation unsafe and in some case will lead to a cancelled booking.

If you have any other questions about the booking process please feel free to contact us by call, text or email. We strive to make this process as stress free as possible so if there is anything you are unsure of we would be happy to answer any and all concerns you might have. 


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